Document Management.

Document Scanning and Archiving with online retrieval, Document Shredding and Development of Document System.

We offer this as a service, we scan all types of documents (Slips, Receipts, Files, Reports, Records, Bills, Statements, Photos etc) . We then input documents into a standard archiving system for easy retrieval on a 24/7 basis.

We perform:

Document Scanning - Actual scanning of files / documents onsite or offsite.
Document Archiving - After successful scanning of every document, we input it onto an easy online retrieval system.
Document Systems - We customise our system to suit your data needs.
Document Shredding - We shred paper onsite or offsite


  • File Download to Device
  • File Search
  • File Loading Assistance
  • Accommodates a variety of file extensions (.jpg, .png, .doc, .txt, .psd, .gif, .ocr, etc)
  • Accommodates a variety of documents (Slips, Invoices, Statements, Photos, House Plans, Legal Documents, Receipts, etc)


  • Mobile Viewable
  • Access from Anywhere Anytime
  • File Counting/to verify speediness of service delivery.
  • Customizable to business needs
  • “Email File” Option


  • File Confidentiality due to a signed NDA form between client and service provider
  • Login Notification to rightful account user using the OTP option
  • Password Confidentiality on the service provider‘s side
  • Specific User Identification - (One company can have more than 1 user on 1 account. The main user will see what each user on his/her company are doing)
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Pricing
    Scanning Archiving Hosting per page per month Shredding
    A4 - R 0,50 c A4 - R 0,75 c A4 - R 0,10 c A4 – R 0,50 c
    A3 - R 0,90 c A3 - R 1,25 c A3 - R 0,15 c A3 – R 0,90 c
    Example archiving 100 A4 pages will cost:-

    100 * 0,50 = R 50.00 for scanning
    100 * 0,75 = R 75.00 for inputting the scanned file into an online system
    100 * 0.10 = R 10.00 for hosting of the files
    100 * 0.50 = R 50.00 for shredding the A4 pages

    Total = R 175.00 for scanning, archiving and shredding; then R 10.00 monthly for hosting the files on our system

    Additional Info

    Login Details are issued on opening and account for 24/7 access.
    Files are collected at a small fee.
    A Non-Disclosure agreement is signed between the service provider & client
    Depending on the quality of the document, a quality level will be agreed upon.
    Files are verified after completion.